About Us

Chrisner Group, LLC is a green building solution provider dedicated to promoting high performance green buildings through measured environmental performance. We are experts in the field of high performance, integrated green design and construction, and have built a coalition of strategic partners who work collectively to build high performance green buildings.

Chrisner Group works with Building Owners, Design Professionals and Contractors to evaluate buildings during all phases of design, construction and building operation. We offer products and services that help our clients design high performance green buildings, help them during building construction to manage waste, indoor air quality and track material attributes, and we measure that performance against accepted standards such as LEED™ and Energy Star™. Chrisner Group provides the resources to help clients find cost effective solutions to high performance design. We provide strategies to achieve certified building performance.

Our services are tailored to the specific needs of the project and client with an emphasis on providing cost effective solutions. When incorporated early in the development process, these eco-logic solutions can increase building performance within the client’s triple bottom line budget. Our company is based on a triple bottom line integrated business dynamic called Integrated Diversity®. LEED and the Integrated Design Process have been used as tools to transform the building industry. The Integrated Design Process is best when utilized in the very beginning of the development process and with an integrated team of stakeholders and experts.

Our Company is empowered and managed by Scott Chrisner, Cherry Mae Pangaldi, Walter Kanzler, and Sara Sweeney among others. Scott brings over 30 years experience in the construction industry and envisioned the Choreography and System Approach of the company. Scott has spent a number of years focusing efforts on promoting sustainable design and construction in the industry and has been instrumental in the growth of the U.S. Green Building Council in New Jersey and throughout the country. Our CG Strategic Partners and CG System Users are the elite of the industry, with the highest entrepreneurial business skills, experts in their industry discipline and the highest passion for Market Transformation and Green Building Practices.

Chrisner Group works with clients on a number of different projects and building types. This experience allows us to develop effective solutions for a wide range of green building challenges. We work with $1.4 Billion high-rise building projects and $300,000 not-for-profit building renovations. We work with clients who are designing new buildings, renovating existing properties, or evaluating their existing building operations. Chrisner Group also consults with corporations on green house gas benchmarking and Corporate Social Responsibility policies and other service providers and product manufacturers on improving their product offerings. Chrisner Groups’ strategic partners bring complimentary depth and breadth of experience in field of green building design and operations. Together we offer clients experience and expertise unmatched in the marketplace.

Chrisner Group is involved with multiple projects currently seeking LEED™ Certification, many have been awarded Certification with USGBC, and numerous are pending certification. We are work with the battery of LEED™ programs including LEED-NC™, LEED-EB™, LEED-CS™, LEED-CI™ LEED-H™.LEED-ND™ LEED-Schools™. Our project list includes Commercial projects, Institutional projects, Higher Education, K-12 schools, High Performance Homes and Certified Green Communities. Building types include new and existing commercial office buildings, historic preservation, as well as classroom buildings and recreation centers. The individual project experience and our strategic partners is extensive and varied, and includes expertise in the areas of design, construction, building commissioning, indoor air quality, sustainable consulting and facilitation.


The VALUE of green…

… is more than economics

Traditionally ROI is measured purely through economics Today’s companies are seeing extreme value in measuring environmental and social equity. Each choice - for every product and service – for assets, portfolios or individual properties - has a higher value when measured through a triple bottom line matrix and incorporated into an Integrated Design Process. If one line item in the project is increased because of green or high performance than another line item has to be reduced; the end result being a higher performance project within the T3 budget.

Return On Investment:

Analyze and calculate ROI based on client’s Triple Bottom Line (T3) goals