Integrated Design

Integrated Design

One of the keys to using green building rating systems is the integrated design approach. By considering all the possibilities before starting the project, CHRISNER Group facilitates the integration process between all team members.

Avoid the shopping list approach of just adding different technologies to the project without integratation. Chrisner Group is a Green Building Solution Provider consulting company that specializes in sustainable market transformation, green building consulting and sustainable business development services.

We are very proud to be one of the driving forces behind the NJ Economic Development Authoritys (EDA) decision to encourage the use of LEED and Governors Executive Order 24 to Incorporate LEED for the State's 12 billion dollar school construction program.

Chrisner Group forms alliances with strategic partners to provide a systems team approach to the design and integration of green building and offers a one-stop-shop approach for our clients. Our strategic alliances are extremely well versed in sustainable, green and high performance design and construction. They are regarded as the expert authorities in the industry.

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Building Assessment

Welcome to Chrisner Group
One of the main ideas behind the green movement is to change the culture of project team dynamics. Teams in the beginning have tried to implement LEED into existing project team dynamics, this is one of the reasons for high cost implications.

Our approach is a simplified one:

Chrisner Group acts a centralized hub for all responsible team members for the LEED process and documentation. First thing to do is a CG LEED Assessment for what ever project you are working on in the beginning stages.

Service Provider

A Green Building Solution Provider

Chrisner Group works with owners and project teams to evaluate buildings during all phases of design, construction and building operation.

We offer products and services that help our clients design high performance green buildings, help them during building construction to manage waste, indoor air quality and track material attributes, and we measure that performance against accepted standards such as LEED™ and Energy Star™. We provide the resources to help clients find cost effective solutions to high performance design and strategies to achieve certified building performance.>